Now playing in the Bay One Acts festival

By Ken Slattery | Directed by M. Graham Smith
Featuring: Andrew Calabrese, Erin Carter, Hannah Knapp, Sarah Meyeroff, and Vince Rodriguez

Mars, the God of War, plans to attack the audience by breaking the fourth wall, but his Spear Carriers are weary from too long spent downstage left. Will wisdom or chaos prevail in this eternal struggle for the audience's attention?

After two sold out seasons of its delicious Kitchen Series, Precarious is presenting its first full production in 3 years. Continuing a collaboration with local playwright, Ken Slattery, Precarious presents his full frontal comic assault of a play, Death to the Audience, in the Bay One Acts festival.


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All performances at the Boxcar Theatre, 505 Natoma St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Playing now through May 12, 2012

Kitchen Series
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